This paperis a continuation of publication of the «Jurisprudence» textbook by Svetlana Vladimirovna Boshno. Law system is a key element of general theory of law. The major fundamentals of its construction are subject matter and method of legal regulation. Of great importance is the division of legal regulation methods into mandative and dispositive ones. The paperarticulates the concepts of institute and branch of law demonstrated through various examples. An important classification of branches of law is separation of procedural and substantive, public and private branches of law. Law system and legislation system are considered as interrelated categories that correlate as content and form. A necessary tool for using voluminous legislation is systematization in the following forms: codification, consolidation, incorporation. Codification is considered as a type not only of systematization, but of law-making, too. The reason for this is that in the process of codification, a law-making body makes changes of legislation, as a result of which a new document – a statute, is adopted.