Development of Russian Legislation
  • Boshno S.V. Internet Publication of the Normative Legal Acts in the Russian Federation: Alternatives and Perspectives
  • Solovyev A.A. Importance of court practice review in Russian arbitration (commercial) court proceedings
  • Geit N.A. Protection of Ecological Rights of Citizens in Globalization Context

Comparative Legal Studies

  • Davydova M.A. Training of a lawyer in Russia and USA: about the universal basis
  • Zabelina D.V. Transport as the sphere of legal regulation in Russia and the USA
  • Konakov V.A. Comparative study of legal aspect of prevention and fight against corruption in Russia

International Law

  • Gvozdetsky D.S. Ratio of institute of diplomatic protection with otherforms of protection of the individual’s rights

Law and Governance

  • Popova A.V. On the possibility of identification of Western and Russian neo-liberalism in the XX century
  • Kuchkarov Z.A. Loss of control in superlarge organizations and its recovery by implementing system concepts into law
  • Aleskerov Z.S. Problems of administrative and legal regulation of public-private partnership