Comparative legal studies

  • Olga Seregina. The Development of Science and Technology as a Factor Contributing to Changes in Modern Legal Systems
  • Valery Reutov. Alexander Vankov. On Consolidation as a Form of Systematic Arrangement of Legislation
  • Sergey Nosov. Problems Regarding the Increase of Legal Consciousness in Russia
  • Lyudmila Golovina. The Relevance of Emotional Psychology to Understand the Law
  • Olga Tsybulevskaya, Tatyana Kasaeva. Professional Ethics Standards in the Russian Legal Field

Anti-Corruption Legislation

  • Natalya Mamitova. Problems of Forming Anti-Corruption Law Policy in Modern Russia
  • Tengiz Tatishvili. Anti-Corruption Examination in the System of Measures Designed to Counteract and Prevent Corruption
  • Alexey Ivanov. Specific Features of the Legal Framework in the Domain of Entrepreneurial Business and the Counteraction of Corruption: Comparative Research

Russian law

  • Andrey Soloviev, Yury Filippov. Course of Justice of Arbitration Courts in the Russian Federation 
  • Alexander Minaev. Rules of the Russian Federation Border Regime