Elen Arturovna Akopova, master of law, Chair of Law of Customs, Finance and Ecolaw, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Russian abbreviation KazNU), Almaty, e-mail: akopova-elen-25@list.ru.
Abstract. On the basis of corpus of terms and concepts framed by the author, the article examines directions of the state environmental policy in Republic of Kazakhstan. The goal of ecopolitics is to make provisions for rational nature management and protection of environment. The author considers division of specific authorities in the context of general policy between agencies of the state power, including legislative and executive branches. Codified and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international legal acts, and law enforcement practices served as sources for the present article. The work has a comparative legal effect, since it introduces into academic circulation new sources of state with regard to the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Keywords: agencies of state administration, environment protection, functions of state administration, environmental management, rational use of nature, ecology, preservation of natural habitat, ecolaw, Ecological Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.