Svetlana Vladimirovna Boshno, Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor, Head of Political Science and Law Department of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, e-mail:
Abstract. The article discusses a method of legal regulation as a set of ways to influence the subjects of public relations. The article considers circumstances, predetermining the method of legal regulation of: the goals and objectives set by the state, uttering certain legal rules; features of the subjects of legal relations; the nature and the relationship of rights and duties of subjects of legal relations; provisions of subjects of legal relations to each other, mediated by their rights and responsibilities; various means of securing and protecting the rule of law; bases of occurrence of legal relationship (state act, agreement). The author gives a classification of methods and techniques of legal regulation. Imperative method is disclosed through obliging and prohibition. The article discusses ways of dispositive legal regulation: encouragement, recommendation. The author formulates the definition of indifferent dispositive norms. Their main technique of influence on subjects of public relations is informing on possible legal behavior without encouragement and recommendation.
Keywords: method of legal regulation, ways of legal regulation, entitlement, bind, prohibition, dispositive method of legal regulation, imperative method of legal regulation, indifferent dispositive regulation, encouragement, positive responsibility, recommendation, in excess of the activity, competence.