Alexandre Chitov

Alexandre Chitov


PhD in Law from Glasgow University. UK. 1997–2000; MLitt from St Andrews University. UK. 1996–1997; A Degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences from Russian Academy of Public Administration (equivalent to JD) Moscow. Russia. 1993–1996; A Degree with the Highest Honours of a Teacher of History and Social Sciences from Stavropol Teacher Training College. 1988–1993. Russia

Working experience:

From 2015 up to now: Assist. Professor of the Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University, Thailand

2013–2015 foreign expert at Tibet University, China.

2011–2013: teaching history, government, economics, and Latin language at Kunming International Academy, Kunming, China.

2012: visiting lecturer at law faculty, Chiang Mai University, teaching human rights law.

2010–2011: teaching international environmental law, information technology law, criminology; Assistant Professor at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

2010–2011: teaching international trade law and business law for business students; a part-time lecturer at Payap University, Thailand.

2009–2010: Foreign Expert at Yunnan Police Officers Academy, China.

2008–2010: teaching international environmental law, information technology law, criminology, human rights law; a full time law lecturer at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

2007–2008: research in criminology as a visiting researcher at Law Faculty of Regensburg University, Germany.

2007: research in criminology as a visiting researcher at law faculties in Edinburgh University and Glasgow University, the UK.

2004–2007: teaching human rights law, international environmental law, information technology law; a full time law lecturer at Chiang Mai University, Thailand.

2002–2004: Foreign Expert at Mae Jo University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2001–2004: teaching international trade law, international economic law; a part-time lecturer at Chiang Mai University, Thailand

1996: teaching theory of law at Stavropol State University, Russia.

Scholarships and other academic experience:

2006–2007 – empirical research in Chiang Dao Wildlife Nature Reserve, Northern Thailand, on prevention of environmental offences among youth groups from ethnic minorities. Teaching children from hill tribes minorities in the North of Thailand as a part of a research program

2004–2007 – empirical research in a Thai juvenile correction institution on perception of justice by juvenile offenders. Many offenders were from ethnic minorities. A teacher in Chiang Mai Juvenile Correction Institution as a part of a research program, Thailand.

1998 – empirical research in the European Court of Human Rights on the role of conscience in making judicial decisions: interviews with the members of the former Commission and the judiciary.

1997–2000 – Glasgow University research grant, ORS Award, and St Andrew’s Trust Scholarship for PhD research.

1996 – joint British Chevening and St. Andrew’s Trust Scholarship for studying in the UK.

 Publications in English:


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Textbook: Introduction to Information Technology Law.- Chiang Mai University, 2010.


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Publications in Russian:


  1. Moral Foundations of Law – Moscow: RAPA, 1996.
  2. 2. German Administrative Process – Stavropol: GTU, 2004. (As a co-author)

Several articles in Russian were written in 1993-2014 in the area of legal theory, history of legal theory, comparative law, criminal and environmental law.

Academic interests: philosophy of law, legal anthropology, environmental law, environmental crime, criminology, computer crime.

Hobbies: studying languages, hill-walking, world religions and Asian culture.